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Recognition for women in PR: Mabel Adeteye

CIPR Committee member Mabel Adeteye, Head, Corporate Communications, Public Relations & Digital at TVC COMMUNICATIONS was recently recognised by Her Network recently as an inspiring woman in PR. Mabel, shared her thoughts with us on this honour.

What does it mean to you, to be recognized in this way, as a leading woman in PR?

For me, it is a bold celebration of experience and results within the industry.

Being recognized as a female in PR & Communications is a testament to the fact that I truly love what I do and I am passionate about this profession, which can be seen from the dedication that I put into my work every day, irrespective of the challenges that come with it.

What has led to this recognition, what are you most proud of?

I think it is safe to say that it is based on the solid foundation that I have in the profession. I am grateful for my career journey and like I tell people, I am one of the lucky ones who started her career practicing what she studied and loved.

Practicing for the past 13 years with purpose-driven communications strategies that are focused on attaining the best knowledge and practices across various sectors and brands that I have worked on, such as Tech, Aviation, Education, Media, Banking, Transportation, Telecommunications, FMCG, Fashion & Lifestyle, Tourism/Hospitality both at the local and international level is something that I am super proud of.

I have been so fortunate that in my career, the people that trained me were smart and talented professionals in the industry. So many things that I am grateful for in the profession today, I owe to those women who pushed me and the mentors that I have in my corner.

What do you think needs to change to enable an equal playing field for both men and women in the PR industry?

Now more than ever with the changes that the world has recorded in the last two years due to the pandemic, I think it is more important that we have to reinvent ourselves in the profession.

I hope we’ll see more women who want to run their communication firms. I hope we will see PR women and men being celebrated globally. We need to take time to applaud our incredible contributions and achievements to the industries that we operate in and the world at large.


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