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Letter from Bahrain

From Nooralhuda Aljlas


Interest in public relations and communication strategies is massively growing all over the world. The science and skills involved, whether to declare war or avoid conflict is central to relationships and the main drive for practicing the CIPR code of conduct for me.

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I am a Bahraini woman who lives in the land that was known once as the land of immortality by many ancient civilizations. More than one and a half million of the Kingdom of Bahrain’s population is located in the Arabian Gulf.  The Kingdom, which has been led by a monarchy ever since its independence in 1971, has accomplished many achievements in a diversity of sectors across the globe.

Bahrain… The Land of Palm, Pearl & Purity


Let me introduce you to some of the secrets of that success:


  • The sunny summers of its hot weather climate contribute to the growth of palm trees, producing the finest products.

  • The spice aroma of the traditional Arabic coffee and the sweetness of the Bahraini Halwa, translate the warmth of hospitality.

  • The enchanting bloom of the white flowers of Bahraini Jasmine called “Al-Razji” symbolizes nostalgia for poetic arts and traditional crafts, such as pottery.

  • The earthy treasures of natural gas and cured oil produce wealth alongside the most famous, authentic pearls and precious materials such as gold and aluminum.

  • The beauty of the purebred Arabian horse and the falconry heritage add to the land’s attributes and behaviors.

  • The vital centre, historically, for international trade and diplomatic influence, intended to pave the way for global development and peaceful coexistence.

  • The purity of spring water and marine life enrich the diversity of wellbeing among the islands of endangered Arabian species in nature reserves.


Above all, human capital investment is a real focus for sustainable outcomes. The evolving role of the education system, professional development, and expertise enable the Kingdom to value its resources continuously.


What we do face in today’s world, is the mounting challenge to bridge communication gaps not only among public relations practitioners but in all fields. The power of effective communication has proven its value for centuries and will continue to do so in the future, maintaining international peace and security for the best.


The promised recovery for nations to restructure from the ground up has brought us many concepts to management approaches, yet relationships built on mutual interests have been steering through the ever-changing world.  


To that end, modern management has significantly shaped communication channels, but not quite adequate responses, in addition to a variety of tools and technologies labeled as “smart”, or “intelligence”, introducing endless data that will forever need human intervention for the responsibilities we hold as who we are.

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