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Guest blog guidelines

We’re always looking for engaging content on topics of interest to our members. Do you have thought-provoking insights and views to share on international communication? If so, we'd love to hear from you - whether you have opinions on industry trends, a book review, case study, or something entirely different.


How can I get involved?

Please get in touch with us to discuss your idea before writing the article to make sure it’s suitable for our readers and that we don’t already have a similar post on the same topic scheduled. We can then also discuss timings.


Are there any requirements for the guest post once we have agreed on a topic?

Please make sure your article:


  • Is no longer than 800 words

  • Is in a Word document format, with photographs attached in the email (not embedded in the document)

  • Includes a short author biography and accompanying photograph

  • Includes your contact info, such as email, Twitter handle and/or LinkedIn profile

  • You can include additional pieces of visual content. This can for example be:

  • Photograph in JPEG or PNG format (to which you own the rights or is copyright free)

  • Infographic or quote card in JPEG or PNG format (to which you own the rights or is copyright free)

  • A link to a video that is publicly available and does not require a password 

  • Includes links to any sources referenced 

  • Spells out any industry-specific jargon or abbreviations

Who are your readers? What are they interested in?

CIPR International is one of the largest groups of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations. We bring members together to discuss and learn from one another about issues facing communicators globally, and those who wish to develop their careers in an international direction. 


Our members are professionals who work in global communication, either in the UK or in other countries. They come from in-house, consultancy and independent disciplines, with a wealth of multi-faceted experience.


Topics of interest: 

  • Issues or trends facing communicators globally

  • Career development ideas and insights

  • The latest PR developments from across the world

  • On-the-ground insight from specific countries

  • Thoughts regarding challenges and opportunities (eg measurement and the impact of technology), insight and real life examples of communicating across countries and cultures#

  • International communication case study 

  • Review of a relevant book/publication 


Previous blog posts are available to view here for inspiration. 

My article is live on your blog – what happens next?

Once published, we will be sharing a link to the article across our social channels. We might also use it in our regular newsletter. Please consider sharing a link on your channels too.  


It’s also worth keeping an eye out for any comments and replies on your post, in case there are any to which you would like to respond personally.

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