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Tailored for our members

CIPR International events are excellent opportunities for networking, learning and training. From international webinars and editorial visits to our high-profile flagship events, we facilitate a global discussion on public relations.  

Two of CIPR International flagship events are the Maggie Nally Lecture and the Douglas Smith Student Award. 

The prestigious Maggie Nally Lecture is a reflection on a piece of PR history and a celebration of Maggie Nally, a woman who helped take PR to new levels of professionalism.  

The Douglas Smith CIPR International Award, highlights our commitment to young talent and educating a new generation of responsible and conscious PR practitioners. Highly intertwined with ethics, it challenges students to create an ethical and inspiring PR campaign, tackling current-day issues. 

CIPR International webinars focus on communication issues our members face when working in a global context. Our recently launched ‘Doing PR in…’ webinar series is very popular with practitioners and academics alike. 

We also welcome all members and non-members to join us at our AGM, where we not only sum-up what we have done the previous year and affirm our strategy for the year ahead, but also host an open discussion on international PR trends. Understanding the international media landscape is paramount for PR practitioners working globally. Recognising this, we organise editorial visits to broadcasting and publishing companies with a worldwide influence. 

We are always open to partnerships with other PR organisations around the globe and we are happy to cooperate on joint events, so if you have an idea do get in touch with us

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