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The Douglas Smith Award

The Douglas Smith Student Award was created in memory of Douglas Smith, founder and patron of CIPR International and a great supporter of young PR talent. It aims to encourage the next generation of PR practitioners to think internationally and creatively and is awarded to students who demonstrate aptitude in communications and an understanding of global PR.

Watch this space for details about the next annual award.

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Very well done and congratulations to Polly Cunanan and Valentina Magni from Cardiff University who, as part of a team of six, won the 2017 Douglas Smith Student Award. Others in their team were Vassilina Vorkova, Nuha Alahmad, Yiren Fang and Xiantong Zhang. This Cardiff team were joint winners with Radu-Bogan Firanescu from Newcastle University. 

Having successfully created a communications plan for an international merger and demonstrated an excellent understanding of different types of stakeholders and cultures together with an ability to compile an active programme, the winners received a cheque and crystal trophies.

Douglas Smith Award winners

Holly Cunanan and Valentina Magni from Cardiff University pictured together with Stephen Waddington, past President of CIPR


Radu-Bogan Firanescu from Newcastle University with Stephen Waddington

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Read Kathryn's views on taking part and winning the award. 


Kathryn Moore from Ulster University has won the 2016 Douglas Smith Student Award.

"I hope that my success will encourage young aspiring PR practitioners, especially those in Northern Ireland, to become involved in competitions and events such as the Douglas Smith Student Award. Regardless of my winning, the commitment I made to completing the submission was more than worthwhile; as the award brief challenged me to think at a global scale and develop my PR skillset to a much higher level." - Kathryn Moore


Lauren Old, Hannah Lennox and Arianne Williams won the Douglas Smith Award in 2015.

View news release. 


Jeremy Dickey won the Douglas Smith Award in 2014.

View news release.

Left to right: Arianne Williams, Lauren Old, Hannah Lennox

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