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In(ternational) conversation with CIPR elections 2015 candidates

In 2015, CIPR members will elect a President-Elect. The election is being contested by Andy Green FCIPR and Jason MacKenzie FCIPR. We used the opportunity to ask the candidates a simple question to which the answer is anything but simple – how are you going to approach the international aspect of the institute and represent the members of CIPR International? We hope the answers below will assist CIPR International members who are eligible to vote in making a decision.

We start with Andy Green. Andy what is your perspective?

Andy: The International Group provides testimony to the potential of the CIPR Brand to assert itself as a Global Leader and as a pioneer in developing new ways to support individual practitioners. The launch of the Swiss Chapter, provides a model for CIPR creating supportive networks, where you are never alone if you are a member of the CIPR.

With over 60% of the Group’s Members outside the UK it offers a platform for the CIPR’s Thought Leadership. I have spoken and delivered training in every Continent except South America. My books have been translated into eight languages. I have a global perspective.

Through my work in Africa I’ve witnessed how the Institute’s pricing for qualifications proves a barrier to those wanting to improve both themselves and their society. The CIPR has the opportunity to create a better world.

Yet we face a world of rapid change. The CIPR needs to take leadership, in redefining PR practice, creating a PR fit for the 21st century otherwise we will all face a lesser future.

Your President needs to inspire members with a new narrative of the future, whatever challenges you face in your work, YOUR Institute is alongside you, supportive, facilitative, and championing your cause.

Thank you Andy, we appreciate it. We take it over to Jason MacKenzie. Jason, what are your thoughts?

Jason: The PR industry remains at a critical juncture. Many people still don’t understand or appreciate the value we create for organisations. The CIPR’s mandate to unite practitioners in the drive to professionalism is vital. We’re on the right track. Now is not the time to zig-zag or go off on a tangent.

If elected, I pledge to:

  • Keep professionalism at the heart of the agenda

  • Strive to make membership more valuable and generate stronger engagement with all stakeholders

  • Lead the Institute in the most ambitious membership drive in our history

The world is changing rapidly: PR practitioners must keep up. CIPR members ought to be hired first, paid more and promoted faster. The majority of us simply pay our dues, maintain our accreditation and attend a few events. This must change. There should be no two-tier membership of those ‘in the know’ and those on the fringes, wherever they live.

The more members we have, the more value we can generate. Dramatic growth will give the Institute greater influence, greater share of voice and greater ability to engage meaningfully throughout the UK and internationally. My supporters include practitioners from Africa to North America. I’ve spoken on behalf of the CIPR from Europe to Central America. I’m globally-minded. I’d sincerely value your vote.

A big thank you to both Andy and Jason for their contribution. For more information on the election and how to cast your vote visit the CIPR website.

For more information on CIPR International and what we stand for visit our section on the website.


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