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A look back at CIPR International in 2021

As the year draws to an end we take this opportunity to look back at some of our achievements this year.

The pandemic has affected people in many different ways but, whether you are zoomed out or can’t wait to click the next link for another webinar, it has definitely made global communication very much easier and more accessible to all.

As the CIPR went digital, so did CIPR International and this has grown our audience in many parts of the world: our 2022 committee is a strong testament to this.

So what have we been doing? Well, first, we updated our strategy so that it carries us robustly through to 2024. You can find it on our website:

All our videos are now on YouTube with many useful tips on upskilling, making the most out of your CIPR membership, and on specialist topics such as AI, ethics, and ESG with eminent speakers from around the world.

Whenever possible we like to collaborate with other groups and this year saw a very well-received webinar with the Education and Skills group on Tik Toc in International Education.

Since Samantha Seewoosurrun joined the committee, our ties with Africa have strengthened considerably and, at her invitation, we took part in a workshop together with Africa Communications Week. You can also find this on the YouTube webinar page.

We have been developing the various channels we use to communicate with our members, which this year saw the addition of a new CIPR International LinkedIn page and a new Instagram account. You’ll still always find us on Twitter as well!

We also launched a new blog site where you can find pieces on all sorts of professional topics such as career tips, views from senior global heads of PR, and how to become a chartered practitioner. We shall be updating the blog site next year to include all the contributions we have.

We are always keen to hear from you so if you have any thoughts as to how we can meet your needs better, do let us know by contacting the 2022 group secretary: Tatiana Baio at

Season’s greetings to you all!

Eva Maclaine FCIPR, Found. Chart PR, Special Advisor, CIPR International


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