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Let’s stop sleepwalking into AI

“I’m not sure if many of us realise just how quickly Artificial Intelligence and big data is being infused into every area of public relations – we’re sleepwalking into the future and we need to get a grip”

So says Professor Anne Gregory, who as part of the CIPR’s AI Panel, is seeking the help of CIPR International to find out just how ready the global public relations profession is for the brave new world.

This is your opportunity to participate in ground-breaking research looking at how prepared public relations is for becoming an Artificial Intelligence, data driven profession. With your help, we can move the profession forwards on this important journey.

Could you please provide either a 750 word (up to) written ‘story’ or a ‘recording’ (maximum five minutes, audio &/or video) that answers the three groups of questions below. Base your response on your personal opinion and experience. Please also add any other comments you believe to be important.

First, please give some context – for instance, a bit about your background, what you think about the impact of AI and big data for the public relations profession and current levels of skill and literacy. If you wish, you may include your name/contact details/organisation in your response; otherwise all responses will be used in aggregate form and your answers will not be reported on in any way that would allow you to be identified.

Second, these are the three groups of questions we’d like you to consider:

1. State of skills: Do you consider yourself to be a beginner, somewhat knowledgeable or an expert on digital skills and AI? What do you think the major challenges have been/ are for the profession when it comes to upskilling in AI? Tell us about your learning journey so far.

2. Approaches and methods of learning: When it comes to learning or applying new skills (digital, AI), how and to what extent do you consider courses to be your primary source of learning? Would you consider a digital companion/ peer/ buddy more helpful? Any other effective ways you use to learn? Do you work collaboratively with colleagues/networks to learn from them? Can you give an example of how this has worked successfully for you?

3. Impact and future of AI in PR: How do you feel about the transition from a ‘traditional’ to an AI/big data skilled ‘contemporary’ public relations workforce? What impact do you think the emphasis on upskilling in these areas will have on our professional identity and security? Do you and/or your PR colleagues feel threatened or empowered? What do you think will enable a positive professional transition – one that is inclusive?

Please add any other points that you view as important. Please send your submission by 31st August 2021 using the following link to upload either a document/ pdf for your written story or an audio/ video recording -

If there are any queries around submission/file upload or you need further help, please email


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