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Opportunity for practitioners to join the CPRE's new research panel

The below is an invitation letter from The Commission on Public Relations Education (CPRE). CIPR International is publishing the letter to assist in the recruitment process of these panelists, as a commitment to improving Public Relations education now and in the future. For any further enquiries please contact: Stacey Smith, APR, Fellow PRSA; Co-Chair, Practitioners/Commission on Public Relations (Education/ or Maria Russell, APR, Fellow PRSA; Co-Chair, Educators/Commission on Public Relations (Education/

The Commission on Public Relations Education (CPRE) is building a cohort of Public Relations practitioners who are actively practicing in the profession to join its new Research Panel. The panel, up to four times a year, will provide ongoing insights and feedback to the Commission to help guide universities and colleges around the world in what is taught in accredited Public Relations programs to make sure new professionals are prepared for the work they will be doing when they graduate.

Who is CPRE? The Commission on Public Relations Education (CPRE) is a committed and collaborative leader in advancing excellence in Public Relations education and the industry worldwide through:

  • Developing and promoting actionable, relevant, and forward-looking research, a strong resource base, and recommendations for Public Relations education that benefit students, educators, and the Public Relations industry globally.

  • Building bridges between Public Relations education and the industry by facilitating mutually productive dialogue and collaboration.

  • Ensuring ethics, global perspectives, and diversity, equity, and inclusion are the foundations of our work.

The Commission is made up of representatives from 21 independent Public Relations organizations from around the world as well as 20 members at large. The Commission is a working body where members participate in the research, outreach and promotion of its work and of the Public Relations profession. In 2023, the CPRE will be celebrating its 50th anniversary, and this research panel is designed to move Public Relations education strategically into the next 50 years.

What is the Research Panel’s Purpose? The purpose of the Panel is to provide ongoing, rigorous feedback on a variety of critical professional topics and their importance to the practice of public relations. The Panel’s input will assist in developing recommendations by the CPRE that increase the ability of Public Relations degree programs to deliver the highest quality content, assure that students are well prepared to be successful in the field, and give organizations confidence in the preparation of the Public Relations graduates they hire.

Until now, every time the CPRE needed to gather data, it recruited a new sample to survey. This was time consuming, expensive and did not give the CPRE the ability to track changing perceptions over time with the same professionals as they advanced in the field and took on new responsibilities. Preparing students for a robust career means understanding what the profession is doing now and will be doing in the future. This panel seeks to give us a view of a full career over time, watch changing perceptions and needs and factor that into our recommendations.

Panelists Commitment: The Commission recognizes how busy professionals are and do not want to overwhelm them with this commitment. The CPRE is asking only that a panelist:

  • Complete up to four (4) surveys a year in a timely and thorough fashion

  • Keep CPRE informed regularly about any changes in workplace, position, other demographic information

  • Maintain confidentiality about the surveys when appropriate

Benefits for Panelists: Beyond knowing that they are contributing valuable information for the future of the profession, all Panelists will be part of a closed LinkedIn group where they will be:

  • Kept informed of ongoing research studies by CPRE

  • First to see/hear results of all CPRE research studies (pre-publication)

  • Invited to participate in conversations, group discussions, and other events on the topics and findings of studies

In addition, Panelists will be able to:

  • Add their official role on the panel to their resumes

  • Be considered favorably for an at-large membership on the Commission if desired ( this will require leaving the panel, however)

  • Receive small gift certificate as thank you for participation each year (when and if funding allows)

Confidentiality & Privacy: The highest research and ethical standards will be in place for all surveys that are conducted through this Panel. Their information along with responses to the surveys will be treated with the upmost care and privacy. The Panel will be used only by CPRE approved researchers and all surveys will be screened by an academic oversight group of CPRE members who have obtained Ph.Ds. in the field.

BECOME A PANEL MEMBER: In order for CPRE to build a well-balanced, diverse panel, we are asking potential panelists to complete a survey they can access at:

This will allow CPRE to make sure the panel has wide participation from all industries, ages, and experience so that the data the Commission collects is valid. We will inform those selected of their acceptance as soon as the Commission has analyzed the data of all. By having potential panelist complete this as soon as possible, we will be able to make decisions quickly and get the panel research started.

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