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In conversation with future talent: CIPR International visits Middlesex University Mauritius

Izabela Hamilton, Communications Consultant, PR Lecturer at Middlesex University Mauritius, and a member of the CIPR International committee, shares her reflections on the recent visit of CIPR International representatives to the Middlesex University campus.

As part of the ongoing celebrations marking the 75th anniversary of the CIPR, CIPR International representatives were given a great opportunity to spend some time with a group of students from the Advertising, PR and Branding faculty at Middlesex University Mauritius campus.

During an engaging encounter with the seasoned PR practitioners, including Samantha Seewoosurrun, FCIPR, Chair of CIPR International and the incoming Vice-Chair, Taazima Kala-Essack, visiting Mauritius from Botswana, we delved into the challenges and opportunities that industry professionals face within their ever-evolving field.

Hearing from the experts and asking insightful questions gave students a glimpse into what the job of PR professional currently entails.

A highlight of our talk was discussion around the value and benefits that one gets from being a member of the CIPR, such as attending industry-specific webinars, accessing latest research and committing to the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programme every year.

Speaking of personal development, what caught the group’s attention was Taazima's own journey to become a Chartered practitioner during the Covid lockdown. Her story resonated with the room, igniting their aspirations to aim high in their Public Relations careers.

Our main intention was to inspire the young professionals, to foster stronger connections with the industry, to showcase the potential for a global career in PR and to stress the pivotal role that organisations like the CIPR play in shaping the future of PR professionals.

We therefore eagerly look forward to collaborating with the talented minds from Middlesex University Mauritius and welcoming them into the CIPR International Group.


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