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Could you be replaced by a robot?

With a CIPR report estimating that 12% of a PR practitioner’s total skills could be complemented or replaced by AI today, potentially climbing to 38% within five years, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not a challenge for the future – it already is one today.

But exactly how will AI change the way we communicate? What threats and opportunities does AI present for the communications industry? And what are the ethical implications?

Hosted by Jon Cronin, Director and Head of Broadcast and Content at Lansons, the latest CIPR International podcast features thought provoking views and insights on these topics from:

  • Jim Rowe, Director, Blooming Social

  • Kerry Sheehan, CIPR #AIinPR panel member

  • Paul Miller, Head of Digital, Vuelio

Worth 5 CPD points and sponsored by Lansons, this podcast aims to help practitioners be better equipped to tackle the threats and embrace the opportunities presented by AI.

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