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Calling all CIPR International Members – We want to hear from you on ETHICS!

As part of the CIPR Ethics Festival this month the CIPR International Committee wants to hear from YOU on your personal experiences of ethical communications.

In a world that is increasingly international, it’s not always a walk in the park for global PR professionals to act as the guardian of an organisation’s reputation while respecting the local cultures and traditions they span. As someone who is lucky enough to have had a career that has taken them all over the world, I have first-hand experience of the dilemmas you can face.

Agencies who have asked for payment for coverage or introductions; publications which have expected ‘something in return’ for a write up or attendance at an event; measurement experts who have offered to bend the rules and pump up results…

Have you had similar experiences you can bring to the mix? And can you share how you dealt with these experiences in an ethical way? We would love to hear some good global examples of best practice, examples of how you’ve learned, and to hear about the local markets you operate in.

Email with your stories and guest blogs and help make the CIPR Ethics Festival a success for CIPR International!


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