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A Graduate's Perspective

By Oshin Sharma

What does a recent graduate look for after securing a job in the sector they always wanted to join? The answer is a sense of direction & sound advice.

After successfully completing my Master’s degree from the London School of Economics in Media and Communications, I decided to join Lansons, a London-based reputation management consultancy specialising in corporate, media and political communications. It's here, where I was introduced to CIPR International and without wasting much time, I volunteered myself to be a part of the group.

For me, becoming a member of the CIPR international helped with gaining access to advice and multitude of training sources, which I couldn’t have found anywhere else, even at university. Such access helped me, a young graduate, to understand how I could effectively implement what I had learnt to the daily practicalities of my work.

Membership of the CIPR International offers everyone a way of connecting with experienced communicators and PR experts working in the international arena, who have been part of various successful communications campaigns. I believe that getting such an opportunity at an early stage of your career can only come with great advantages. The prime advantage being the opportunity to network with international practitioners and receive the most trusted and sincere advice, which honestly, can be hard to find in today's day and age.

One of the other benefits of becoming a member of CIPR international is the access available to a variety of webinars and events, which focus specifically on the developments in international communications, helping you to stay up-to-date and in the loop with all the advancements in the global communications sector.

With the communications sector changing ever so rapidly and clients looking for more innovative ways to target a diverse and dispersed set of audience, membership to CIPR international can only help a communications newbie to develop their skill sets further and gain a strong sense of how they would like to progress and shape their careers.


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