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The overall conference theme is Global Practice of Public Relations and will focus on three topics of interest to our audience:


  • Global Strategy

  • Measurement

  • Technology


The conference will start at 9am with a welcome address from the Chair of CIPR International and the President of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations, Sarah Hall.


An exciting icebreaker starts the conference, which will help you decide to which communications tribe you and your colleagues belong and what you should do about it! After a short break for coffee the next session deals with global strategies, cultures and diversity.


After lunch you will be considering the thorny problems of measurement and how it impacts PR practitioners. 


The final session of the day looks at technology and the immense changes it has brought to our industry as well as the changes in working practice which we need to consider in order to be effective PR practitioners in the future.


Watch this space for more details on the three key themes and speakers!

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